The WRGFL is going into it's third season using WGS as our player registration default. Players registered for 2 seasons will need an updated photograph this season before the system will allow registration.


As well as a photograph and in preparation for next season when emails become mandatory we are asking for an email contact for all players. The best way to get your players/parents ready for the new technology coming through is to link a parent to your players and get them a FAN. The FAN will enable them to use the FA Website for a whole host of thing but importantly when purchasing tickets for international matches. 


By creating a FAN your parents will also be able to create an FA Matchday App Account and have the fixtures, tables and a host of other things related to their team at their fingertips.


We appreciate this is going to create a little extra work when registering players this season but it will be worth the extra minutes in the long run.


Get those players registered as quickly as possible. As a league we recommend this is done prior to the players breaking up from school for the summer holidays. The league kicks off on 14/15 September 2019 and we expect all girls to be registered a minimum of 7 days prior to the big kick off.

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